What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing looks for areas of weakness and exploitability within your digital assets

How many times have you walked away from your home and gone back to double check if you locked the front door? Do you have the same defensive mentality about your business’s infrastructure and online presence? Our penetration testing services not only check the front door but also the windows, roof, backdoor, side doors, the door you didn’t know you had, and even the cat flap.

A penetration test is an in-depth assessment of the exploitability and weaknesses of your business’ digital assets.

These assessments will find and demonstrate the attack paths a malicious actor could use to compromise your company’s valuable data and reputation. By revealing these, we can provide expert advice on how to remediate the vulnerabilities and a step-by-step guide to hardening your defences. Here at Net Consulting, we conduct penetration tests based on your needs.

This includes assessing:

  • Websites and online-platforms
  • Internal and external networks
  • Phishing and social engineering
  • Company building wireless and physical entry attack surface

Each penetration test includes comprehensive scoping to make sure any business critical assets that may be at risk are not impacted during your working schedule. Our highly trained experts maintain contact with your onsite technical teams throughout to ensure that everything is running smoothly during agreed testing hours. After we have conducted our assessment, we will deliver and present a tailored report including all of our findings, remediation advice and closing statements regarding your next steps to greater business security. We pride ourselves on always tailoring the report to the clients needs and requests, so if there are any particular assets that you are concerned about, we can deliver even more in depth discussion regarding those.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our penetration testing services or have any questions, you can contact Ben Thomas for more information ben.thomas@netconsulting.com.au or 02920 972052.

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