Application Performance Troubleshooting

Discover and remediate application performance issues through our expert insight

Application Performance Troubleshooting

Is your business running at full speed?

Application performance problems impact user efficiency, and it's not uncommon for IT departments to struggle to identify the cause.  

Net Consulting's experts have gained vast experience in Application Performance Troubleshooting over the years, that can be utilised to help pinpoint the root-cause of your application problem and enable you to fix it. Our tools monitor systems end-to-end providing fresh data for collaborative analysis with your IT department to determine the key causes of performance delays. 


Why do you need it?

Poorly performing applications impact profitability, efficiency and also staff morale as users struggle with systems that cannot keep up with workload demands. In circumstances where work output is being affected, there is always increased pressure to resolve the issue, especially when existing monitoring capabilities have failed to determine the cause.  

 Net Consulting’s Application Performance Troubleshooting Service combines industry leading tools, tried and tested approaches and years of experience to help you find the root-cause of your application performance problems. Our additional monitoring data complements and builds on the data you have already found, meaning that a solution can be worked on and implemented faster. 


Features & benefits

Identify the root cause of application performance problems

Deploy specialist troubleshooting tools, together with expert analytical skill

Pinpoint the reasons for degrading application performance

Obtain both real time and historic metric information that allows for investigations of your intermittent problems

Understand how changes made within the environment affect your end user's experience

Receive a technical report with recommendations

Why Net Consulting?



We understand complex networks, applications and security and how they work together.


Actionable insight

We help you find what will make a real difference to the security and performance of your systems.



We have staff in Sydney and Canberra to connect to our clients.



We partner with the world's leading technology brands.



We have extensive experience within
both public and private sectors, and a
long history of working within defence.



Awarded a certificate of
commendation by the Ministry of
Defence's Chief Digital and Information
Officer in 2016.

What our clients say

“Unless you’re prepared to run a 24/7 security operation in-house, you’re never going to match what BlueArmour ATD offers."

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Net Consulting provides Sheffield Hallam University with application performance monitoring that delivers a complete overview of end-user experience.

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"The solution provided by Net Consulting is a key capability for the MOD’s approach to service management."

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