Where do you begin? Why not start by letting our Digital Operations Centre (SOC) remove the burden?

Our Service Management offer lets you maximise business value through the use of information technology. Our team will work closely with you across the whole lifecycle of a service, from the original strategy, through design, transition and into live operation.

A broad offering to maximise value.

Service Management covers a broad spectrum of services, technologies and disciplines. Whether you are looking to compliment and existing setup or fulfill a complete need, we are here to help. The very best way to experience and understand the impact we can have on your business is to speak with one of the team in our Service Operations Centre.

You will also find on this page a summary of each of the core Service Management capabilities we are able to offer.

Problems occur – that’s life. The key to success is how thoroughly and how quickly you recover.

Net Consulting’s long history in Enterprise Service Management means we’ve seen a lot of issues, we’ve seen some businesses tackle pretty serious problems and we’ve been at their side to help them quickly get back up to operational service. We know that during this process, being able to link your changes to incidents and then problem manage that way, is key to operational success.

Customers understand incidents will happen, but it’s how you react after the incident which will determine your ability to be successful.

Managed services.

  • Implementation, run & maintain of incident, change & Problem Management ITSM modules (standard)
  • Advanced – Configuration Management
  • Implementation
  • On-going run & maintain
  • PS – consultants to provide technical RCCA investigation
  • Self-Service: Problem Management Module

Are you getting bang for your buck across your IT infrastructure? We can provide you with a best-of-breed Performance Management capability, bringing together all aspects of your services into measurements which match your business needs.

Our specialist tooling determines whether backend infrastructure and websites meet SLAs by measuring their performance and availability against defined objectives. By looking after your business’ Performance Management, we can proactively manage the availability, performance, and business impact of a distributed systems environment. This included your network, as well as a broad range of applications, databases, and operating systems. A common presentation interface enables a user to view the status and business impact of both IT components and business services.

We have many years of experience when it comes to Performance Management, it’s what our business was built on and our service goes beyond traditional implementation only solutions. We’re also able to provide industry expertise, which allows you to exploit your investment in Performance Management tooling. 

All too commonly, tools are implemented without the breadth of engineering skills being provided to exploit those tools, leading to a poor value return from your investment.


Our Managed Service offerings let you focus on what matters most – your own IT Service Performance.

Our dedicated Service Operations Centre (SOC) team are all skilled technicians, deft in handling the range of technologies we deploy to measure the performance of your IT real estate, using tools such as Entuity, Splunk, Riverbed ARX and Aternity. Your network performance can be monitored by some of the best in the business, on a timescale that suits your business needs, whether that’s just business hours, or 24/7.


That said, we can also provide a self-service option, through the deployment of standard TrueSight KMs. This provides your internal IT team with high quality tooling for out of the box measurements.

Stop wasting money on last-minute, reactive IT changes. Be strategic with our Capacity Management service.

We believe that Capacity Management is a core key to on-going success. People often confuse this with with Capacity Planning – a one-time assessment, after which no further effort is required until incidents start to occur.

Our Capacity Management service on the other hand is an on-going assessment, providing early indications to changing business needs, ensuring planning can be done in a cost effective, and strategic manner. Our expert teams are able to model workload analytics, which shows how key jobs are looking now, will look in a week, a month, or even a year.

Network Capacity Management goes beyond simple bandwidth or latency analysis and instead, builds up a picture of how your core services are being delivered. The model we’re able to build for your network can then be deployed into a virtual environment, allowing easy scenario planning without the risk of attempting analysis within a live environment.

Don’t rely on your individual providers to tell you how well they’ve performed. See real data in one place with our Availability Management Service.

Our Availability Management allows you to link your service contracts to the assets which make up that service and then crucially to the Events related to that Service. Net Consulting bring this data together to provide true Service Availability Management, which can in turn break down into network, infrastructure or application views of the data. 

It’s critical for businesses to be able to manage either their in-house services or those which have been outsourced to a provider. Without effective Availability Management, you’re reliant on your providers to tell you how well they have performed.

If your business chooses to use a supplier for the network or infrastructure layers, then it can often be all too easy for Availability Management to be focused only on the component part, leaving you unsure about what the true Service Availability experience was. Our Availability Management Service ensures you’re able to focus availability towards what matters to your business – your users’ ability to use your services.

Go one step further than just identifying your assets, use our Configuration Management service to map your dependencies.

We fully embrace the critical role Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) provides to your business. Our Configuration Management service starts with a thorough discovery process, where our service is not only able to identify your assets, but far more valuable is our ability to provide your business with its dependency mapping – something that’s critical in providing information around incident service impact, and the effect that has on planning for service migrations.

Configuration management underpins many of the core ITIL functions such as Incident Management, Change Management, Release & Deployment and Service Level Management, which is why we’re able to provide Enterprise reporting solutions which have easy to understand KPIs at its heart – right out of the box.

Managed from our on-site Service Operations Centre, (SOC) our teams can undertake just a pure discovery process. Or if you’d prefer the complete package, we can then also manage the whole Configuration Management aspect too, starting with implementation and followed by on-going running and maintenance.

Provide your users with the slickest service desk experience possible by automating key workflows.

Selecting the right ITSM Service Desk for your needs can seem daunting. We ensure you’re able to implement the solution that’s right for your need, whilst ensuring implementation is completed to avoid customisation. 

The right ITSM tool is essential and often forms the central focal point for Service Management, and the Service Desk will form a key part of how your users perceive the service. Picking the right ITSM tool enables you to minimise the user interaction and ensure ticket submission routing to an agent is handled effectively and linked to relevant knowledge articles. 

Our ITSM tooling can provide automation for key workflows such as identifying who you are, where you’re based, your contact information and what assets you own. Providing users with these details upon access the Service Desk greatly improves their experience with the system.  

Where standard resolutions have been created, we can include that workflow into the Service Desk. So for example, a laptop build can be actioned without ever needing to interact with a human agent.

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Why Choose NCL?

For over a decade, we’ve developed a strong reputation amongst our customers and partners for consistently delivering services which help businesses perform optimally and securely. This is why the relationships we’ve developed over the years have become long-standing and deeply trusted.

We’re very proud to have provided continuous IT support to the MoD for over 12 years. This length of service is a testament to the trust the MoD place in our people to deliver results, time and time again. Today, we provide situational awareness of the MoD’s globally-deployed application performance while assisting in troubleshooting issues and collaborating with other delivery partners to solve problems faster.

The lessons we’ve learned in Defence are applied to our engagements with customers in the enterprise sector too, ensuring robust network and cyber management for medium to large scale organisations. We use our long-standing experience in end-to-end performance management as a foundation for all of our services, so we can better define a customer’s complete requirements and deliver a more effective solution, whatever the field of technology. Offering market-leading technology and trusted managed services from ‘Floodlight’ - our own UK sovereign SOC, we work closely with customers in Driving Digital Vigilance across industry sectors.

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