Security Posture Assessment.

Security Posture Assessment.

How secure is your company’s footing when faced with the threat of a motivated cyber criminal? Can you remain strong against the growing barrage of cyber attacks? As we become more and more digitally reliant, an unfortunate side effect of this is the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, success lies in our ability to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture even when faced with the sharp end of an attack.

A company’s first line of defence against cyber crime is visibility. You can’t protect what you can’t see and gaining an overall understanding of your company’s cybersecurity posture is a very important first step.

Visibility across all areas of your attack surface, including policies, on-premises technology, remote workers, cloud suppliers, other third-party services and their associated staff etc. will help you identify any vulnerabilities and other areas of potential weakness.

A Security Posture Assessment from Net Consulting covers three critical points:

  • It identifies what you have
  • It shows how the assets are interconnected
  • It determines what is truly at risk

By taking this approach, you can create a robust cybersecurity foundation and take significant strides in protecting your digital assets and data from cyber risk.

“Company Directors now rate cybersecurity as the second-highest source of risk for the enterprise after regulatory compliance.”

Gartner 2021 Board of Directors Survey

Difficulty in categorising and prioritising devices, digital assets and data.

Grappling with the sheer volume of digital assets and data on your network can often be a difficult first hurdle to overcome. Knowing where to prioritise in terms of sensitivity and critical importance isn’t as easy as it sounds. A Security Posture Assessment allows a true understanding of the scope of your estate and any associated risks. It also helps to identify which assets and data require more focus.

Concern around the risks posed by user error and remote working.

No company should underestimate the threats posed by human error – this is something that is even more important in the age of remote working. Furthermore it is crucial that all privileged users are identified along with their impact on the wider security posture. Our assessment  identifies which users, assets and data require more controls and facilitates the planning of training and education.

Do your suppliers’ security measures stack up to yours?

Do any of your suppliers act as a weak link in the cyber security chain? Can you be confident their security posture aligns with yours? A Security Posture Assessment will also review the strength of your third-party supplier’s cyber security measures and flag up areas of concern.


The service is rapidly deployed and scalable, being delivered as a combination of on-site and remote discovery and collaboration and off-site analysis, report generation and recommendation.


Discovery agents are deployed at key points on your network/s (internal, cloud and hybrid) to identify network traffic meta data and identify digital assets. Metadata on assets is processed and analysed within our secure cloud centres and presented to our security consultants for validation and posture assessment. No payload data is sent outside your organisation.


Consultants work with your staff to correctly classify asset criticality, relative vulnerability and determine remediation action and priority.


During discovery we will work with your staff to review various source materials related to each individual Area of Concern (AOC) and the wider business strategy. This will ensure we understand the systems in place and the context in which they operate including valuable user-centric context.


Our team will review and analyse the information gathered and provide you with a report of the activities undertaken and recommended improvement opportunities. The report will also contain details of our findings, the associated gap analysis and risk assessment undertaken.

If you need a thorough understanding of how your cybersecurity posture stacks up against the range of threats targeting your business, then a security posture assessment is worth carrying out. By choosing this service, you can be confident that your digital assets and suppliers will have been scrutinised by our team of cybersecurity consultants, providing you with a comprehensive report highlighting any risks and prioritising recommendations for corrective action.





  • Security Design and Resilience

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Security Device Hardening

  • Firewall IDPS Management

  • Cloud Security Management

  • Critical Asset Protection

  • Training and Education







  • Security Design and Resilience

  • Vulnerability

  • Management

  • Security Device Hardening

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This service has the benefits of our Managed Endpoint Protection service but is enhanced with bespoke audit, detect and response capabilities ensuring your most critical business assets and data has the ptimum level of security.

Our security consultants will identify and help to implement secure device configurations for users and data. Activities include:

  • Verification of security hardening of user endpoint devices.
  • Enhanced white-listing of applications and services based on user profile/geo-location.
  • Heightened policy enforcement.
  • Drive encryption enforcement/validation.
  • Notification of critical patches for operating systems and key software configured on devices.
  • Notification of critical patches for operating systems and key software configured on devices.
  • Custom audit, detect and response rules.

Why Choose NCL?

For over a decade, we’ve developed a strong reputation amongst our customers and partners for consistently delivering services which help businesses perform optimally and securely. This is why the relationships we’ve developed over the years have become long-standing and deeply trusted.

We’re very proud to have provided continuous IT support to the MoD for over 12 years. This length of service is a testament to the trust the MoD place in our people to deliver results, time and time again. Today, we provide situational awareness of the MoD’s globally-deployed application performance while assisting in troubleshooting issues and collaborating with other delivery partners to solve problems faster.

The lessons we’ve learned in Defence are applied to our engagements with customers in the enterprise sector too, ensuring robust network and cyber management for medium to large scale organisations. We use our long-standing experience in end-to-end performance management as a foundation for all of our services, so we can better define a customer’s complete requirements and deliver a more effective solution, whatever the field of technology. Offering market-leading technology and trusted managed services from ‘Floodlight’ - our own UK sovereign SOC, we work closely with customers in Driving Digital Vigilance across industry sectors.

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