Ministry of Defence – Certificate of Commendation

– Originally posted on in June 2016

Net Consulting, the supplier of C4ISR Service Management Capability (TN&SM) has been awarded the Certificate of Commendation by the Ministry of Defence’s Chief Digital and Information Officer.

TN&SM Team

Born from a deployed imperative, the Theatre Network and Service Management (TNSM) team have grown to constitute up to 10 contracted personnel whose function has evolved to supply Information Systems and Services (ISS) operations with network instrumentation and service management, technical advice, expertise and tooling to support both the fixed, overseas, permanent joint operational bases and deployed networks. They have also supplied additional enterprise services to the wider ISS community on a daily basis; including initiating a new Service Catalogue and enabling the development of an enterprise level Configuration Management Database (CMDB). TNSM have supported live event monitoring and change issues, complex problems and major incidents during a turbulent and challenging period of operational activities.

Over the last six months, particularly during the ISS critical incident addressed under Op CAVALLA, TNSM were required to deploy network monitoring equipment out of hours and over weekends to match the incident tempo. Individuals within TNSM proved to be steadfastly committed and dedicated in supporting these operational imperatives, delivering without complaint and impressively taking all tasks within their stride. These deployments were frequently at short notice, whilst being conducted over considerable distances and timeframes. Members of the team have routinely shown commitment over and above their remit, and have been unstinting in providing innovative and resourceful solutions. Often overcoming many technical obstacles, they have enabled solutions which would not have been possible without their dogged determination. Undoubtedly they have been an example to all contractor groups within the GOSCC, earning numerous plaudits and wide respect from both the civilian and military contingents. Always supportive and cooperative, the individuals in TNSM have also proved to be polite, dedicated and professional when distilling their craft. Regardless of the situation, and often under immense operational pressure, they have made a positive difference in the outcome, in particular they have created an atmosphere of success. Compassionate and supportive, TNSM personnel have dedicated time to patiently teach and deliver application and network support to personnel. Their proactive creativity has provided the GOSCC with real time operation dashboards giving a unique lead in service management activities that had previously been out of reach.

TNSM have undoubtedly made a significant difference within the ISS service operations sphere and indeed wider. Dedicated above and beyond the norm, they have been willing to extend themselves for the benefit of Defence and been modest in enabling ISS success. The team ethos, thirst for making a difference and ability to deliver are collectively worthy of formal recognition. They have made a stand out contribution to providing vital understanding around Op CAVALLA incidents, informing key decisions to achieve resolution. TNSM have made a game changing contribution to ISS and their nomination for an award is in recognition of their all-round, tireless work in supporting operations over a protracted period.

MOD Certificate of Commendation

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