Visibility across your whole retail network.

No matter how disparate your network is; no matter how many locations it consists of, we have the tools that provide deep visibility and insight.

Our Cybersecurity Catalogue is built around the five stages of NIST’s ‘Cybersecurity Framework’. This industry framework is well recognised and respected because it describes the desired outcomes, it’s understandable by everyone, it applies to any type of risk management, it defines the entire breadth of cybersecurity and it spans both prevention and reaction. It aligns perfectly with our offer, because it’s an all-encompassing approach to cybersecurity that covers the whole threat landscape.

No matter what industry you’re in, a digital transformation will have happened or will be happening to some degree. The likelihood is that certain elements of your organisation will be relying on applications. These may be Microsoft 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, Xero, along with hundreds, if not thousands of other niche applications, specific to your industry.

Our Service Management offer lets you maximise business value through the use of information technology. Our team will work closely with you across the whole lifecycle of a service, from the original strategy, through design, transition and into live operation.

Drive digital transformation in your business with our best-in-class SD-WAN services. Complete control across your entire network.

We’ll help you stay on top of the increasingly stringent risk and compliance requirements
being imposed on your business.

Backed up by a smooth and efficient IT system, you can provide your customers with a simple and enjoyable shopping experience. And when it comes to their personal data, you can be sure it’s locked away from prying eyes with our industry leading cyber security services.

With branches often located on every high street in the UK, companies in the retail sector have to manage some of the largest networks in any sector. This brings with it all sorts of complexities and challenges. One of the biggest issues is visibility and gaining an understanding of what’s actually on the network, as well as where issues may be occurring.

We work with businesses in the retail sector to help them achieve a transparent view of the state of their network, and experience end-users are having when interacting with various applications.

As the internet of things moves from our homes into the retail space, we’re also helping shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues embrace technology and use it to enhance customer experience. With customers increasingly expecting wi-fi wherever they go, there’s a huge opportunity for outlets to engage their customers in a new way through wireless and augmented reality.

Like any sort of connected technology, with this opportunity also comes risk. As such our range of cyber security services can be implemented by businesses in the retail and hospitality space to ensure their network doesn’t get breached. Businesses like this hold a huge amount of personal customer data, a prize in the eye of most hackers. Thankfully our market leading cyber security offerings help ensure that data remains constantly out of reach.

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We can help you deploy a public cloud-based service to monitor your end-user digital experience. In addition to out-of-the-box applications, we can customise the solution to track specific application transactions for a more granular measure of critical staff activities.

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Why Choose NCL?

For over a decade, we’ve developed a strong reputation amongst our customers and partners for consistently delivering services which help businesses perform optimally and securely. This is why the relationships we’ve developed over the years have become long-standing and deeply trusted.

We’re very proud to have provided continuous IT support to the MoD for over 12 years. This length of service is a testament to the trust the MoD place in our people to deliver results, time and time again. Today, we provide situational awareness of the MoD’s globally-deployed application performance while assisting in troubleshooting issues and collaborating with other delivery partners to solve problems faster.

The lessons we’ve learned in Defence are applied to our engagements with customers in the enterprise sector too, ensuring robust network and cyber management for medium to large scale organisations. We use our long-standing experience in end-to-end performance management as a foundation for all of our services, so we can better define a customer’s complete requirements and deliver a more effective solution, whatever the field of technology. Offering market-leading technology and trusted managed services from ‘Floodlight’ - our own UK sovereign SOC, we work closely with customers in Driving Digital Vigilance across industry sectors.

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