Blake Morgan wanted to identify, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities and threats on the combined network.

Blake Morgan LLP is a leading full-service law firm, providing their clients with access to a depth of legal skill and experience. Clients have a deep reservoir of goodwill for the firm as a result of its ‘exemplary service’ code of practice, its heritage and the access it provides to expertise, resource and sector specialisms.

Blake Morgan acts for large corporates, entrepreneurs & owner-managed businesses, the public sector and charity organisations. The Top 50 law firm continues to expand through mergers and acquisitions.

Net Consulting’s BlueArmour service provided protection of critical data while the law firm underwent a period of digital transformation, and now serves as the foundation of Blake Morgan’s Cyber Security Strategy.

One of the major challenges faced by merging law firms is understanding how the convergence of the networks impact the risk profile of the new firm. Blake Morgan needed to understand the risks post-merger of two complex networks and confirm that the new network is secure; including obtaining visibility of all ingress paths an attacker could take and all potential data egress paths. Blake Morgan wanted to identify, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities and threats on the combined network.

As custodians of clients’ sensitive information and intellectual property, it’s not surprising that law firms are a key focus for cyber-attacks. Clients want the assurance that their law firm is Cyber Resilient. Blake Morgan were able to achieve this.

To give Blake Morgan a snapshot of their cyber security posture, Net Consulting positioned BlueArmour; a cyber security risk assessment service that produces a Cyber Resilience Score – a single security metric for the strength of their network.

With a Cyber Resilience Score, Blake Morgan can quantify, benchmark and set targets to proactively manage the resilience of their networks and security infrastructure. The score considers the prevalence of high-risk vulnerabilities, device configuration issues and network visibility gaps to capture current resilience status. Tracking these results shows how each element of the Cyber Resilience Score alters over time.

BlueArmour created an exact, up-to-date model of Blake Morgan’s entire network to visualise access paths, prioritise what to fix, and target existing cyber security resources to protect their most valuable assets. Blake Morgan can see their security status and benchmark progress toward increased cyber resilience.

As a result, Blake Morgan Cyber-Resilient law firm is one that can prevent, identify, contain and recover from a plethora of cyber threats against data, applications and IT infrastructure. The firm has the resilience to maintain its operations and integrity in the face of cyber-attacks.

Net Consulting developed BlueArmour as a means of providing high-end infrastructure risk analysis capability without having to employ specialist staff or purchase expensive tooling.

Deploying BlueArmour involves installing a virtual collection server onto a company’s infrastructure, which then performs a discovery of network and server devices. Data is then gathered from these devices before being securely exported to Net Consulting’s cloud platform.

Cyber specialists import this information into state-of-the-art risk-assessment tooling to model the network and identify possible routes in.

cyber security, bluearmour

  • Identification and prioritisation of critical points of weakness across the newly migrated network
  • Reduced risk ahead of network convergence using modelling and analytics
  • Prioritised remediation advice
  • Automated end-to-end network visibility
  • Complete audit of business-critical IT infrastructure
  • Effective management of risks
  • Accelerated response to security incidents and network vulnerabilities

“The BlueArmour service allows us to see potential ingress paths an attacker can take into our network, as well as potential data egress paths. The service provides us with critical, prioritised information to quickly remediate issues.”

Head of IT Operations
Blake Morgan LLP

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We’re very proud to have provided continuous IT support to the MoD for over 12 years. This length of service is a testament to the trust the MoD place in our people to deliver results, time and time again. Today, we provide situational awareness of the MoD’s globally-deployed application performance while assisting in troubleshooting issues and collaborating with other delivery partners to solve problems faster.

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